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to make such a promise and make such a slip

As per usual, Martin Margiela never fails to impress. His couture collection, while it is only 10 looks, is probably the most wearable right off the "runway" than anything else this season. The fake fur stole made up of what looks like beading is incredible and the mesh fishnet dress has to be one of my favorites, next to the Chanel dress of the same ilk. The patchwork jacket is also I've seen a fan favorite, as Diane Pernet has great up close photos of it and for anyone to call this "not couture," (as was done so on TFS) well, I'd like to see them try to make that jacket!

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I'm really excited because my friend works for Margiela on precisely the artisanal line... they work in such a freeing way... not confined by trends or commercial awareness..... it is something so rare in fashion these days....
OH MY GOD!!! The "fox"! I want it!
I have always loved MMM but i have to admit that their three last seasons are really killer, amazing, i wish i was rich to buy them all.
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