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well, i got the fever down in my pockets

I've been asked to empty my bag for the blog. I just threw everything into my new Verte bag which I completely love and if you can control your excitement, here's all my stuff..

the bag.... my favorite yet.

my Chanel shades (which I wasn't stoked on when I found ash olsen was running them too) + black note book (full of sketches & lots of writing ideas) + empty bottle of Sei water (which was actually full of vodka)

C.Ronson hoodie (I keep my iPhone in there) + big black marker & my favorite pen (industrial extra fine point sharpie) + Balenciaga wallet (inside being my metrocard, $463, the paper my fiance first gave me with his number on, barneys receipt & my ID & debit card. I don't have any credit cards and I never have.. because I like stuff way too much.)

Purple Mag (my friend Caroline gave me this issue saving me the gnarly price tag & it's in there for work tomorrow)

YSL lipstick (I forget exactly what shade it is but it's very very pink) + Rimmel lash maxxx mascara + Stella McCartney roll on perfume + MAC smolder eye liner (my absolute favorite & what I wear daily)

Straight razor + my ipod (which I wouldn't get through work without) + NA keychain (I had my last one stolen with my purse and actually found this one at my bar) & keys for bar, car, bike & boyfriends van

I'd like to see inside Daphne Guinness, Wendy B, Patricia Bobble Bee & Michelle KOS's bags but somehow I don't think Daphne's going to give it up.

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Yep, as suspected you are the coolest!

That YSL may well be YSL #19, the famous infra-pink created in the seventies.

Thanks for the exhibition, chica!
I suspect Daphne's bag will have a silver plated finger glove, some Chanel lipstick and an 18th century tome of some sort...
"...the paper my fiance first gave me with his number on"

I love it!

I kept my bf's was written on the inside of a pack of Shepheard's Hotel cigarettes that he passed to me under the table at FLORENT...the jerk was with someone at the time but I still think it was sorta sweet.
a straight razor, how sweeney todd.
the verte bag is gorgeeeous, where might i possibly be able to lay my own hands upon one?
i always find the insides of other peoples bags so much more interesting than my own.
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