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your brain seems bruised with numb surprise

Zara have done it again. Amazingly after picking up my black quilted ("Balenciaga inspired" I'm sure) bag, I spied this bag in their latest catalog. Well now it's hit ebay, in black, and is an incredible "Burberry inspired" studded black bag. There's no way I will ever pay over a few hundred (if that) for my handbag and so I'm going to have to run out and stop in the store inquiring when this bag will hit the shelves until such time I will be waiting in anticipation. Because what I really need, is another bag, right? Fuck!

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I once fondled the original in the store. But it was very heavy!
Sorry, chickie, that bag has your name written all over it. WB says it's heavy (and WB knows her stuff!), but you could always use it to slug someone over the head with.

It may have my name as well.
It never ceases to amaze me how Zara gets these copies out there without any lawsuits on their tails...
Susie, I know. It's funny the only bag they got into trouble over was the one they were selling with a swastika on it!
Suzanna I will find out today if they have it. (Un?)fortunately whenever my boyfriend says he likes something I am after, I just have to buy it!
Wendy, I can imagine the Zara bag will be just as heavy but I'm willing to make some muscles in my tiny wrists whilst carrying it!
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