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i formed me a presence whose aspect was changing

Busy as hell the next two weeks. Living off blueberry Clif Bars, Skinny Mocha's from Starbucks (no sugar!!!) and summer rolls. Looking forward to making lots of money, taking lots of moto rides and finding new epic jewelry. I also cannot wait to be done with 12 hour days and go on vacation, get tan and go shopppping. I made a very long day of it this week and all I ended up buying was a $5 skirt from F21 that is pretty amazing (here it is in grey).
Anyway, I don't really watch TV but I finally managed to catch the Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton doc on Sundance and it was so great! Also set your tivo's for Cat Power tonight on Jay Leno! It should be very epic, even more so if she sings Song For Bobby (here's hoping)! I read an interview with her recently detailing when she finally met Dylan in Paris for the first time and she told him she loved him and he said "well at least somebody does" and like, seriously, how amazing is that?!
Going to throw back some drinks now and then rest up.

P.S. this might be the most personal text I've ever posted here....... !


bummed out city

I wrote about the womens shoes Phillip Lim collaborated with Tatimi/Birkenstock on for the Urban Blog and mentioned that he was also releasing some mens styles as well... but omg mens lace up gladiators?! I think I might die laughing if I actually saw a dude with these on!!! Yeah so my boyfriend calls them Jesus shoes and sure real gladiators/spartans/bros actually wore something similar, I just can't see this working for men right now.


she broke her leg and she needed shooting

Sent to me by Geraldine at Café Mode, she shot a woman on the street for me in the Alaia heels I mentioned the other day and I love love love them on! Though I'd still be more inclined to pick up the Chanel buckle heels (below, funny it's also a photo taken by Geraldine) I love so much when it comes down to the two!

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they'll cut you from limb to limb, pick your pocket with such delight

I could go on for about weeks about how much I love Ann Demeulemeester's latest collection. While it does follow suit (quite literally) from the menswear, every piece was impeccable and insanely wearable at least from my point of view. She never misses a beat with the details and once again her boots are insanely killer. She is seriously the fuckin' best and I'd wear her clothes for honestly the rest of my life. Whoa. Ok. Goodnight!

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jokerman dance to the nightingale tune

OK SO WELL not entirely what I was thinking from the description, Balenciaga is still, um, pretty.

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the eyes of the idol with the iron head are glowing

My boyfriend doesn't like gladiator sandals because he says they're "jesus shoes" and while I laugh then agree with him, this is just the one trend I'm considering finally buying into after a few seasons (and really it has to do with how much I love buckles). That is to say, if I find some I like as much as this pair from Alaia. Maybe the $929 price tag doesn't make Carine blink but I'm positive I can find something similar at a wayyyyy lower price.

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if i go down dyin', you know she bound to put a blanket on my bed

Thanks to Sean at Rockers for posting this, a brand new RTX video. Jen has to be one of the most stylish R'N'R epic women on the planet and I fuckin' love RTX. Some of my favorite photoshoots have been at the beach and I totally love this video for the same reasons.


my mirrors are black

So Kim Gordon & friends clothing line, Whitehorse Couture, is finally available and I have to say I like it. Their emblem alone is great and an earth with crossbones instead of the usual skull is perfect. Some of the other designs are simple, a heart here and a 'I heart Beverly Hills' there which reminds me of the Sophomore 'Very Ill' tee which I'd be more interested in wearing but I'm not a Beverly Hills type girl anyway and I'm sure that one will sell quick. The website showing scary celebs in their gear is something you gotta look past but overall this was a very cute collection for their first go 'round (not factoring in X-Girl here either).

Edited to add: Ok so Whitehorse Couture is NOT the Kim Gordon I was thinking it was (from Sonic Youth) this whole time. Oops! Still cute designs none the less, I was just excited for Kim to do another project I didn't really think twice that it was a different person of the same name. No big deal.

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tearing through these quarters in the utmost misery

While delving into the world of animal prints may not really be Martin Margiela's thing, I still loved his latest collection because it's totally what I expected while not disappointing me at all. (I guess the difference here and with Westwood is how many pieces of hers I actually own so when there is a letdown collection, my wardrobe kinda suffers, get it?) The deep cut blazer, which I would love to wear... thee outrageous shoulders that are really just commonplace now, the tight trousers and full on body con suit.. amazing.

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i'm up on a hill and still you're not there

I'll never be a "jungle-dwelling eco-warrior" and so Westwood's latest collection was unfortunately a bummer for the most part. As far as the show goes, models on stilts is supremely epic and a Wizard of Oz theme runs through my head the whole time. Letting kids paint on all the clothes might be cute to some people who aren't me but OK I get it. I'm mostly interested in the trousers, about as form fitting as latex leggings and covering nearly all of the foot, they are definitely something to get excited over. I have to say I'm disappointed, while a lot of the pieces would probably work well alone, everything together as it was just doesn't do it for me... which I really hate to say, especially about Viv. Who knows, maybe this collection will grow on me once the more wearable pieces are sold.

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it's hard times in the city, livin' down in new york town

We still had the xmas tree up for a while.. I think this was just a few weeks ago. Also, my bangs make a nice devilock when I need them to. Also I'm starting to have a pretty expensive bookend collection what with all the Patrón bottles on my bookshelves.


you're driftin' too far from shore

This song on repeat all morning.


i skipped the ground and hopped a train

As far as designers go, I don't outright dislike anybody and so as I've said time and time again, as long as it's black with great details, I honestly don't care who's doing it as long as it's done well.

That said, I would wear the above looks from Balmain in a heartbeat.. minus the belt in the first look.. and the vest in the second... those have to go. You will also never see me in Minnetonka boots. Ever. The skirts are so killer but I think I can probably find something similar at Forever 21, saving my bank account this week. A lot of the trousers would have worked had they not been cut to high waters and admittedly I'd probably never wear leopard print pants these days but I had a pair when I had a mohawk, an intravenous drug habit and could be found hanging around outside of ABC No Rio.

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she's a ramblin' woman with a ramblin' mind

I am totally obsessed with Rick Owens. He killed it on the runway this season but what else is new? If anyone besides Demeulemeester could capture my ideal androgynous rocker look than it's him and I'll be behind him for forever or until he gives up on R'N'R (iknowit'sallbadnowbutpleasedon't).

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First Paris show!!!!!

I have always been a fan of Dévastée and am so excited about their latest collection shown in Paris earlier today. The detailssss are perfect. I love that they could have gone for the simple black heels/tights etc but went with REDDD which stood out perfectly. Their obsession with all things Death has always stoked me out (what can I say...) Right now these are the only images available thanks to Diane but hopefully more will surface soon. I reallllly want that silkscreened skirt/possibly dress.


hey, hey, so i guess i'm doin' fine

Paris fashion week is my busiest week coming up. Looking very forward to so much and keeping insanely busy but all the cash I will make in a short period of time will be completely worth it... once we find a puppy, well specifically a French Bulldog. The above is my friend Tino's frenchie Chunk and below is a video of my friend Kendra's adorable pup.

So besides a few other things (excluding that Balenciaga jacket which I just don't need), this is what all my future income will be saved towards once we find the right one.

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deny, defy or crucify you

New Yorkers mark your calendars!!!


i came ashore in the dead of the night

Great lattice vest from Ksubi!! They're claiming it's similar to vintage Alaïa which I guess is a selling point to some people but it makes me think black metal/bondage/biker and I'm very into that. At $255 it is something I think once purchased I'd wear a lot but maybe not as much as the bespoke racerback leather vest I'm waiting on.



they were frightened of his power, scared of his love

Love love love this song....... I played this song for my boyfriend a while back having never really listened to Nick Cave before and he absolutely loved it.


now don't make me play this waiting game

Despite the "rock chick deluxe" supposed look of Gucci, it really wasn't really for me (and hasn't been since Tom Ford left) and I kind of consider myself the definitive rocker chick. Anyway I do like these shades they sent down the runway a lot and the fur coat on the right is seriously amazing. I can't wait to try both of these on.


there's a well with water so bitter nobody can drink

Zippers, head to toe black and leather details made for a very interesting runway show from DSquared. What's funny is yet again they are another label that's really never stuck out for me and here I am again liking some of their pieces.

The first look I totally loved. The cropped leather jacket over the super low sheer v-neck dress with amazing croc ankle boots. The bustier over red suit was great and I'd love seeing that actually work off the runway. Fishnets are a total go. You will always win me over with black on black on black and the gold zip detail on the 3rd look here was perfect and I would love to try that coat on. Lastly lace done perfectly (sorry Prada, I just couldn't go for it). The red plaid looks and bags were ok but reminded me too much of my early days on St. Marks which just sort of makes them laughable.


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