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am i the target moving closer to your choice?

I was pretty much in love with this Balenciaga blazer when I first saw it on the runway last year. I basically put it out of my head until now, after seeing it listed on ebay and WOW!!!

I now have the fun task of figuring out whether or not to buy it.


It's a beauty. I like the detail on the back.
Must. find. that. eBay. link
I'd say get it, Jen. That color transcends any trend; I still have a Dior in that color from years ago and it is still wearable. Also, the Balenciaga is modern enough while still a classic. You'd have that for years and enjoy it every time you wore it.
Beautiful! You should definitely buy it- it's just a great, timeless piece...
The question is: how much will you be able to pay for it? (I would say: a lot! It's gorgeous!)
Geraldine: Direct it is $2000 and on ebay it is just under $1000. Decisions decisions.
I think you may need to buy that.
It would go with the purple trousers.

(Consider yerself enabled.)
um um YES the answer is yes.
you know i am sick on pink these days. (going on day 5 of hot pink tights btw, going for a world record)
Wow, I had no idea that the lining of Balenciaga jackets is so detailed! that's beautiful.

P.S. -I don'tn have a pair of jeans that i specifically favour - most I just pick up a thrift stores. Cheap Monday is gorgeous though!
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