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are you lookin' for somethin' easy to catch?

I've never actually worn a beanie as they've never been my style. I actually own one I received from Jeremy Fish as a gift and it was a set with a scarf. It's pink and is made to look like a bunny complete with pom bunny tail, ears and eyes and the scarf has white claws. It's also still on the little hanger tag it came on because I'm not really a scarf person either.

So despite my dislike for these hats, I loved Alexander Wang's runway show, the dirty pretty girls like myself in beanies looked impeccable and now Burberry have also delivered a solid collection.. with all looks paired with, yes you guessed it, a beanie. I know these are Fall looks but I still don't think I've been persuaded to wear one of these yet. Other than this questionable accessory, I love all the dark grey pieces and I could see wearing the slim purple trousers a hundred different ways. I adore the chinchilla coats and the gold dress pictured here, and it's black counterpart, are totally amazing.

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And you're my fave punk-chick author, Jen! Not to mention your guerilla taste of which I mightily approve.

You could pull one of these off. Maybe not the bunny one, but something the color of a burnt-out, smoggy sky.
I wasn't as impressed by Burberry this season... I do like the feathered dresses! And the shoesss
I think the foot lolly brooch is pretty cool....
I can't wear hats because of my short hair. They make me look like a baby or something.
the bunny had...
the bunny had--claws????


and re: the jacobs totes
somehow, my girlfriend got one.
the rest of us were shafted!

i have a feeling they may reappear when the big SY touring museum show kicks off in paris in June.
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