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a basket of flowers and a bag full of sorrow

Totally into these looks from 6267. Admittedly I've never really gone through one of the collections before but I spied leather and had to check it out. I'd wear both of these for sure, the fuckin' leather details on the shoulders kill me- I dig that so much and the look on the right I'd definitely pair with different shoes.

Again, I've never paid much attention to Etro but the program claiming "Romantic Wilderness" was enough to get me interested. I loved the boots.. but not all the looks were for me. The coat on the left reminded me of Ann Demeulemeester, as if one of her vests was turned into a full coat. The look on the right was black shiny goodness. The purple shirt underneath was completely perfect.


That orange boot is FIERCEEEE. I actually liked Etro this season too.
ummm TOOOOOOTALLY pulled the same looks from 6727900089695904590435 or whatever the fuck its called and ETRO !!!!

tweedy crazy shoulder dress and grey coat!

Hahaha that's fucking funny. we got goooooood taste.
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