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boys will be boys will be boyoyoyoys

Never really checked out her work before but Katy Rodriguez mentioning being inspired by Roxy Music album covers made me definitely seek out the photos from this collection. As you can see from above, they captured it pretty well, if 'Music For Your Pleasure' was the main inspiration, which I think it was. Although, the red tights & matching heels were such an unfortunate choice.


God, those tights are horrific! The leather jacket is cute, though... I'm glad she moved away from all those puffballs...
Love the shoulders on that jacket.
Absolutely the jacket is great but no matter how many amazing leather coats I see, I'll never be able to stray from my standard moto jacket!
great minds think alike girl! how can you NOT post about these i NEED these tights. i don't even know what kind of orange that is but i will find a place for it in my life, no probs.
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