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bummed out city

I wrote about the womens shoes Phillip Lim collaborated with Tatimi/Birkenstock on for the Urban Blog and mentioned that he was also releasing some mens styles as well... but omg mens lace up gladiators?! I think I might die laughing if I actually saw a dude with these on!!! Yeah so my boyfriend calls them Jesus shoes and sure real gladiators/spartans/bros actually wore something similar, I just can't see this working for men right now.


jesus creepers.
WHAT!!! c'mon. where's your imagination. you just need the right socks--specifically, these.
I don't see them relative for men because the guy who wants a gladiator sandal does not want it looking like a lace up birkenstock. The men's Balenciaga ones were amazing...I don't understand these.
I can't see them on a guy either, but i would rock those sandals!
I can never wear such a sandal, would be too anachronistic... with a greek look in the digital age


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