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he knows every song of love that ever has been sung

Back to the Marc Jacobs I once adored, the punk MJ!! So glad he turned out a wonderful collection, I don't think the 'fashion world' could take another hit on the head from Marc! The leather dress! The gray pencil skirt! The plaid dress the resembles my Zara winter coat! Those boots! And um can I get marred in the houndstooth pink number?! I think so!!

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The pink houndstooth is cute!
Yes, you can (get married in the pink houndstooth)! When is the wedding?

I love your punk inflections. I was a punk during the first wave (before New Wave!) and I think the style has adapted nicely without becoming a cliche.
ahhhh those shoes.. if that fun I dont know what else is
The leather dress, if there is a God should be in my wardrobe before I get too old to wear it... LLG xx
Love the leather dress!
i generally didn't dig marc this season aside from the leather dress, the black boots, an the bow skirt (so predictable, am i not?) but honestly kind of dug the similar leather dress from rag and bone more.
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