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i done pawned my pistol, baby, my best clothes been sold

So yeah I'm a little behind. It just so happens that fashion week is one of my busiest weeks and I don't get all the time I want to stare at all the pretty collections. As I've said before, I can't wait for Paris!!
The Rodarte runway has gotten so much coverage and it's easy to see why.. I want those tights pretty badly..


While I loved the entire collection, especially the shoes, those tights were one of the biggest attractions for me. Cobwebbed legs are f'in hot. I am thinking of getting some cheap wool tights and strategically shredding them.
P.S. I really like your blog. The whole aesthetic is really cool.
Hey thanks!
I know, they also totally remind me of that sweater Kate Moss has been running around in lately... , which I totally love.
If you go through with the wool tights project definitely photograph it!
enh... a lot of that stuff's just reheated portions of really old liz Collins and susan cianciolo lines.
Hmm... I think these tights need to be sought out.... definitely not one to DIY!
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