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i don't want nothing from anyone, ain't that much to take

Following up with my obsession of things that are leather or waxed, I just picked up this amazinggg hoodie from Morphine Generation that is black waxed. (I can't stress how fitting their name is with me but I'm pretty happy it isn't big and emblazoned on the back.) I cannnn't wait for it to arrive! (& yeah it's on a dude but wtf they didn't have it in the womens.) Also, it's no Balenciaga jacket from the Barney's Warehouse sale (amazing) but I'm just as stoked on it!

More updates later once I'm finished elsewhere.

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That's totally cool, J. I really quite like that and have never outgrown my sweatshirt (note I don't say "hoodie," which is not a term I grew up with so I'm just gonna sound obtuse) obsession. This is far more stylish than the ones I buy. Mine are uncool and say things like USC TROJANS, but I wear them with suede boots.
Love it.
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