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i skipped the ground and hopped a train

As far as designers go, I don't outright dislike anybody and so as I've said time and time again, as long as it's black with great details, I honestly don't care who's doing it as long as it's done well.

That said, I would wear the above looks from Balmain in a heartbeat.. minus the belt in the first look.. and the vest in the second... those have to go. You will also never see me in Minnetonka boots. Ever. The skirts are so killer but I think I can probably find something similar at Forever 21, saving my bank account this week. A lot of the trousers would have worked had they not been cut to high waters and admittedly I'd probably never wear leopard print pants these days but I had a pair when I had a mohawk, an intravenous drug habit and could be found hanging around outside of ABC No Rio.

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I sort of like that belt, but not with that outfit. And you're right, F21 probably would have something similar, skirt-wise.

High waters (aka "floods") are never in style. Jamais!
I don't know what Christophe Decarnin has done...but I'm really not liking this collection....
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