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i swear she's the screaming end

Charlotte Ronson! I loved the make up on the models. The eyelashes, penned on freckles and braided hair as headband were adorable. I was happy she used a lot of purple and I am in love with the tweed she used (as you can see from the photos I chose, it was worn in each of my favorite looks). The first tweed top and blue satin skirt with leather gloves is my total favorite and given the choice, something I'd wear out every night! Lastly, the purple party dress is so cute but the shoes they paired it with were not a good choice (and while I realize they are probably c.rons shoes, they just don't work with the dress!) but I've never been the biggest fan of her footwear anyway so no big deal.

(click on the photos to make them bigger so you can see the detail of the tweed!!)

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