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i wouldn't be ashamed to be seen with you anywhere

I've been obsessed with this inverted diamond ring (left) that my friend Chris did for his label Alex & Chloe for a while now but I find the one (right) that Tobias Wong (who you may know from the pills that make you shit gold) has just come out with strangely similar! While I definitely favor the Alex & Chloe ring (I think prongs look gross) I'm worried that maybe this will now become a new trend in [wedding] rings.. especially because I think I'm going to have the A&C one of my finger soon.


Well, it's pretty easy to do, and the idea isn't THAT novel. I have an upside-down diamond in my Tortoise locket. I'm sure not many people will do it though because (a) it's scratchy (b) it's easy to chip the end of a diamond that way and (c) it doesn't give you the best light in the I think you are safe.
The picture looks good, but it might just be the lighting- and I've looked, and I can't find a place to buy the tobias wong ring anywhere.
I do like the oxidized silver on the a&c ring better, tho.
While I hope Wendy is right, i also fear a trend of this as I've had the ring bookmarked for a bit now (the A&C one) for when I finally get my tax return. It's so lovely and great for stacking or alone...
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