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i'm up on a hill and still you're not there

I'll never be a "jungle-dwelling eco-warrior" and so Westwood's latest collection was unfortunately a bummer for the most part. As far as the show goes, models on stilts is supremely epic and a Wizard of Oz theme runs through my head the whole time. Letting kids paint on all the clothes might be cute to some people who aren't me but OK I get it. I'm mostly interested in the trousers, about as form fitting as latex leggings and covering nearly all of the foot, they are definitely something to get excited over. I have to say I'm disappointed, while a lot of the pieces would probably work well alone, everything together as it was just doesn't do it for me... which I really hate to say, especially about Viv. Who knows, maybe this collection will grow on me once the more wearable pieces are sold.

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I'm wearing those top left socks right now.
'Cept mine are Adidas.
Those pants look hard to put on.
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