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a million faces at my feet but all i see are dark eyes

I meant to write about this before but I totally LOVED Henrik Vibskov's a/w show last week in Copenhagen!!! The runway!! The added fringe to each model! The clothes!! The cut on that second dress, I want to wear that all summer! It was amazing by all accounts.


Loved the set more than the collection
Can they see?
Are those stick things foam?
So many questions...but interesting.
whoah. sick.did you ever see the dior homme issue of visionaire? it came in a steel case with an extruded plastic interior that was reminiscent of that. i had a piece in it that was a weird blind-embossed 2-page spread. i'll dig it out and take some pics.

also reminds me of the 1970 gruppo strum pratone mat. it was this weird seat/mat thing that this conceptual italian design collective made--huge blades of grass made out of extruded polyurethane foam.
This is what happens when people are exposed to too much cold wind. While some might think it freezes and stifles the brain, it is in fact a freeing agent that releases creativity from some prehistoric impulse center.
Chris: how much should we bet Henrik was inspired by that very idea?
Can you please photograph that Visionaire? I'd love to see your work. That record of Rita's is amazing. I love love love Angelblood but never actually got my hands on any of the actual cd's.. I wish those had made it to vinyl.
Also the MJ totes and you guys not getting any is insane! Can't wait to see the SY art tour though..
I've never really followed copenhagen fashion week but that is kinda awesome
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