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So Kim Gordon & friends clothing line, Whitehorse Couture, is finally available and I have to say I like it. Their emblem alone is great and an earth with crossbones instead of the usual skull is perfect. Some of the other designs are simple, a heart here and a 'I heart Beverly Hills' there which reminds me of the Sophomore 'Very Ill' tee which I'd be more interested in wearing but I'm not a Beverly Hills type girl anyway and I'm sure that one will sell quick. The website showing scary celebs in their gear is something you gotta look past but overall this was a very cute collection for their first go 'round (not factoring in X-Girl here either).

Edited to add: Ok so Whitehorse Couture is NOT the Kim Gordon I was thinking it was (from Sonic Youth) this whole time. Oops! Still cute designs none the less, I was just excited for Kim to do another project I didn't really think twice that it was a different person of the same name. No big deal.

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you know it's a different kim gordon, right?
kimberly gordon, pas de x-girl.
Ahh no kidding? I was stoked on it this whole time thinking it was the Kim you and I know. ahhh....
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