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No idea who's behind the Kill City blog but it's been pointed out to me that they've been running my posts as their own from the Urban blog like word for word which is totally weird, right??? It's not that I don't think Ili at Pop Manifesto and Pete at SuperFantastic deserve the press but nearly word for word??? Even my Ann D Dylan post. Weirdddd! I write generally about things that i think aren't getting that much press or aren't being talked about at all. So 3 posts in like a week of the exact things I'm writing about? And they don't even credit it being from the Urban blog. WEIRD.

Edited to add: Ok I woke up to a couple apologies from those at Kill City. Sean Reveron from RockersNYC (who is the most epic dude who always puts old amazing crust punk videos on his blog and makes some of the best t-shirts featured on this blog) is watching after the blog and just thought the writer had some really epic stories coming in and had no idea the dude was ripping someone off! Hey that's a pretty nice compliment on my end as well. The actual dude who put the stories up as his own apologized and they've now edited the posts to link to the Urban blog. No big deal but I guess I'm doing something right if my words are something worth stealing.


That's know there are crazy spam blogs that steal other people's content and stuff >:-(
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