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the only place open is a thousand miles away

After hanging around bikers for the last 2 years, I've seen the phrase DILLIGAF sewn on more jackets and vests than I can count. There's even a shop on my street called DILLIGAF, which is pretty funny when you think about it. So ffwd to the other night at the MOB party and what shirt is the incredible Sarah from Colette wearing?

(front, back)

Which I can only assume is a new Married to the Mob deal. While I've been behind them from day one, there hasn't been a shirt yet that I've really been compelled to pick up. (The pink shirt from summer 07 of Sarah w/ lollipop was great but still not something I thought I'd wear.) Hopefully they release this shirt because not only is it purple (my favorite) but I think it would be amazing to wear to the bar on a regular basis. (If this somehow happens to be a Colette exclusive, I'll need someone to pick it up for me.. ok?)

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Someone once gave me a t-shirt that says, "Do I LOOK like a fucking people person?"
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