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outside in the distance a wildcat did growl

It's starting! It's starting!!!

Great looks from Boy by Band of Outsiders! Moments after seeing the above image on The Fashion Informer (which totally stoked me out) I found all the looks photographed! I love the fur trapper hats that seem to fit in perfectly with each look! I know they were hot there for a minute but whatever, my boyf has a real rabbit fur one that I wore pretty much every night on our last, quite cold vacation and my hair looked just as messy as the models so I'm digging it all for sure.


I quite like this label--I always find boy-inflected suiting to suit ME. Not for me the girly-girl, no stockings and frou--give me a beautiful pair of trousers and a vest any day of the week.
Ooh, I really liked this collection. Usually I've been wary of the masculine look, as I have a pretty boyish shape (broad, square shoulders), but this label really makes me want to try it out for myself...
I love the suits- so nicely tailored! It's too bad that they would never suit my bodytype...
Stephanie I would totally try it out. Androgyny is one of my favorite things and I'm sure you could totally pull it off. I love vests. I have an Ann Demeulemeester one that I want to wear like everyday but Urban have some totally cute ones as well (for a more affordable look)!
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