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pay a heavy price to the falling gods of speed and steel

At the moment I only have one tattoo, an epic Moz/Hanna Liden quote that my friend Andreas drew up for me in SF two years ago and I got it above my right elbow shortly before the end of 2006. (Tony Farmer & Jerry Hsu definitely stoked me out with their Death tats but I couldn't see getting the same thing and it just so happens my favorite photographer Hanna Liden also had a title from her second show that I've been obsessed with ever since so the two worked out pretty nicely, like I could totally lie and say I got it from Hanna but whatever.)

Also you can totally see my last focused board on my old wall.

I basically haven't had the itch to get another until a few days ago. I'm getting it in the same spot, above my elbow, except on my left arm and it's something I've wanted for a really long time. I first saw the band Tragedy on their first tour in 2000 and was already hugely into their old bands (his hero is gone, deathreat, etc) and was so stoked to see them play. They killed it, naturally and have put out some of the most mind numbingly epic records ever since. Well for as long as I've been into them, I've been obsessed with this bird of theirs that appears on all of their albums. (Seen below top left)

I thought for a few years about where I'd get it but never fully went through with it. So now I finally decided to go for it and my friend who did the first is going to put it on me permanently tomorrow night (most awesomely for free). I'll post a photo once it's healed. I really cannot wait.


me and my boyfriend heart the hsuuuuu.he is as sweet as candy.
Yeah I thought I recognized your old man from old days with Tony Rodriguez.
yup yup...the good ol days.
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