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there's a well with water so bitter nobody can drink

Zippers, head to toe black and leather details made for a very interesting runway show from DSquared. What's funny is yet again they are another label that's really never stuck out for me and here I am again liking some of their pieces.

The first look I totally loved. The cropped leather jacket over the super low sheer v-neck dress with amazing croc ankle boots. The bustier over red suit was great and I'd love seeing that actually work off the runway. Fishnets are a total go. You will always win me over with black on black on black and the gold zip detail on the 3rd look here was perfect and I would love to try that coat on. Lastly lace done perfectly (sorry Prada, I just couldn't go for it). The red plaid looks and bags were ok but reminded me too much of my early days on St. Marks which just sort of makes them laughable.


What happened with the gal in red? Did she fall down and then take off the shoes? Inquiring minds want to know.
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