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feeling sensations in no dictionary

Back in January my daily check of fav Style File mentioned Alexander Wang was designing some incredibly amazing black leather bags that would be out in February at select stores. Well I haven't heard anything about them since (except spying some on the runway at his Fall show in Feb) but after perusing ShopBop this evening I noticed that this insanely wonderful amazing bag was up for grabs, realized it was the same Wang bag I've been staring in my Wants folder (yes this exists) and bought it immediately. I AM SO STOKED. I've been running Zara & Chanel bags for the last few years and have been looking for something new that wasn't going to be seen on everyone else (see: Stam bag, etc etc etc etc etc you know them all). In the SF article they quoted Wang as saying the bags would be under $700 but upon purchase, it definitely was under $700 although not by much.... but leather pieces are always an investment, right? SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY SO STOKED!!!

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you eat the summer cannibals

If you've never seen Rockers and don't have netflix (or a seriously rad friend who owns it), well you're in luck because this dude on youtube has kindly put up the whole movie in 10 minute increments for your viewing pleasure. This film kills it so hard. This is the 1st video of 11.



she's thrillin' me with her hive

This past week on the Urban Blog.

Krelwear Miami chic
Goyard goes PINK
Kiser patterened jackets
Kate YSL photoshoot behind the scenes
SXSW Style what did you wear?
and my new favorite, Bérangère Claire

Check it out!

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coming on like the dawn unrelenting light

Probably just going to pick up this cheap & cute pair of Volcom sandals for summer and being done with trying to find the ultimate gladiator-esque pair when not too many are exciting me. Now I just need to find a new pair of supremely epic board shorts and I'm set.



back at the funny farm

Spotted this Vestal shirt a few weeks ago in my local skate shop. Obviously this is from the classic Sonic Youth album 'Goo'... and really I'd rather wear a SY shirt than this Vestal one.. even if some of my friends are on their team.



cuts and dents they catch the light

The clown makeup on Kelly Osborne in the latest issue of Purple is quite odd especially because it's shot by Karl Lagerfeld and well, it's clown makeup! However, the resemblance to Alison's makeup in the Kills U R A Fever video is really weird.


twenty-first century no chivalry involved

For those of you who haven't seen the latest issue of V, here are my two fav shots from the Kate Wildflowers editorial I was referring to the other day. The purple McQueen dress is to die for!


little droplets of oil for bracelets

In comparison to the high heel gladiators from Alaia I mentioned before, I'd say these flats are just as wonderful. However, retailing at just under $900 (only $30 less than the heels!), I think I'll opt out with a cheaper pair for this trend.


living in a pastime paradise

Check out this awesome look book from RockersNYC for s/s 08 Sound & Fury line and featuring the music that inspired the shirts. I'd be hard pressed to pick my favorite but I love the Smiths...

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i wore it like a badge of teenage film stars

One of my favorite movies. Jim Jarmusch is seriously the best. The first time I watched this, it was 4am and I was actually in Memphis. It was fun to pretend that maybe Joe Strummer was really running around town in a chevy truck shooting liquor store clerks. Anyway, you can go ahead and add this to your Netflix queue if you haven't seen it already. You won't be disappointed. Screamin Jay Hawkins as the front desk clerk is so killer. I cannot say enough epic things about this film.


these corrosives do their magic slowly and sweet

Very into these two necklaces I scored last night from F21. The lightning bolt one actually broke while we were standing in line but my boyfriend took care of it for me and it was already marked way down so whatever. That was just more proof of not to spend even a little money on anything in there. The second one reminds me of another high end necklace, I just can't place where from.

I've never read Radar Mag before but I got a copy of the latest issue for free and besides the highlight of the owner of Rock & Republic and her Chanel addiction (motherfucker has TWO SURFBOARDS and is getting THE BIKE) there was an in depth article on Forever 21 and all their goings on. The story kind of made me laugh out loud when they said F21 find new young designers and hire them if they're christians and attend church regularly. Of course Radar found one of the young hopefuls who said she "found god" with the F21 owners and is so happy and stoked on jesus now and even prays with the owner broad. Hell, for a buck I think anyone would claim they're an insane jesus freak but I guess if you can easily dupe someone into paying you for saying you're into god, go for it. You can read most of it online.

Anyway, I was on a search for Chanel eyeshadow in "sunset gold" which is gold & black (see above) and every shop I tried was out of it! So we came home and after finding it's even sold out everywhere on line as well, I ebayed it for half the price.

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wherever you are you're invited

In case you missed the NY Times on Sunday there was a great surprise! Daphne Guinness popped her head up while I was turning the pages and luckily her blog on Starworks featured this scan of the article. If she is indeed going to design a few rings, I am looking very forward to buying one or, well, all of them!


upon the necklace of all human knowledge

I've been meaning to post this photo my friend Andreas took for a while now and after searching through all my phots, I finally found it today. Elizabeth White Lightning should clearly appreciate this!

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and the dead lay in strange shapes

Today marks five years since Scott H. Biram was nearly killed in an insane collision with a 16 wheeler.

I'm fucking glad he survived cause I love his musical stylings but if you've been reading this blog long enough, you already knew that. I never wrote about catching him play live but it was a killer show and we ended up closing the bar down with him. He definitely was every bit as epic as I had previously thought. Check out one of his latest live shows on the same tour below.

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as the campfire's burning

Been listening to Appaloosa nonstop lately. Their newest track is a live on the radio version of the wonderful 'Intimate'. Again, if you haven't checked them out after all my incessant talking them up, head over there now! Also catch them on tour in April with Cat Power and say Hello if you see me.
Tour dates are as followed..
Apr 11 Showbox SoDo, Seattle, WA
Apr 12 McDonald Theatre, Eugene, OR
Apr 13 Roseland Theater, Portland, OR
Apr 15 Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA
Apr 16 4th & B, San Diego, CA
Apr 17 Marquee Theatre, Phoenix, AZ
Apr 19 The Palladium Ballroom, Dallas, TX
Apr 20 Stubb’s - Outside, Austin, TX
Apr 22 Warehouse, Houston, TX

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the way the camera follows us in slow-mo

Check out this insanely perfect editorial featuring none other than the amazing Julia Restoin Roitfeld. Photographed by the amazing Julia Restoin Roitfeld. For VMan. It's not enough that I get V and French Vogue in the mail every month but now I've become obsessed with getting every issue of Vogue Homme and VMan!

I'm glad my once a week visit to Fashionista wielded these scans because 1. I don't have a scanner and 2. there's no denying the extraordinary presence of JRR. I cannot wait to see what she will do next.


a loose affiliation of millionaires and billionaires

If you go through my jeans drawer and the pairs I have hanging up, you will find it to be dominated by black wax jeans. I am obsessed and buy nearly every pair I see. No big deal but here's another pair from Sass & Bide that I'm definitely into.

At $200 I'd say they come fairly cheap for this process.

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i'm on a plane circling high

Mark your calendars now because if you're in LA you cannot miss this insanely epic sale!!!


footnote to howl

Today's outfit. Too dark to shoot it and I was reminded of Polyvore while doing some research so thought I'd give it another go besides my wedding look.

Surface To Air tank
April 77 jeans
Morphine Generation black wax hoodie
Givenchy sandals
Verte bag

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it's been a while since i've seen your face

Happy day off work! Rabbit for dinner along with a giant bottle of Patrón! The joke of the day to our friends was that we were to eat the easter bunny. Lots of chocolate for the boyf and (since I dislike chocolate) wasabi peas for myself. Now we'll watch movies on sedatives and pass out.

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i was moral school girl hard-working asshole

Kate on a moto for (my fav) French Vogue 08 April.
I love that whole entire sentence.

The rest of the photos are just as incredible but I just wanted to include the shots of her with the bike. Is it astonishing how much she mirrors Marianne Faithfull in Girl on a Motorcycle! Love this shoot (totally even more than the Wild Flowers spread in the new V and that is also quite wonderful)!

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bent over backwards from a hurricane breeze

Posts this week on the Urban Blog from your truly...

1. Possibly the only ring I want to wear ever, besides my engagement/wedding rings... Kiki de Montparnasse 'Fucking Beautiful' ring
2. Angelique Houtkamp 'My Other Bag Is a Gucci' tote bag
3. The Look Of Louise du Toit, the profile of this Brand Manager for Acne Jeans is a wonderful read
4. Lohan repping gold Nike's sold (exlusively?) at UO
and totally check out the posts from weeks beforehand...

Also stoked on my first post for Kill City which I chose to write about a book my friend Kathy is about to release on The Nest that Dash and Dan threw together last year.

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she gave her heart to the man in the long black coat

Seriously in LOVELOVELOVE with these new jeans at Urban from Black Milk!!! At $120 they are crazy affordable and um yeah I'll be picking these up immediately.

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i grabbed my hat and i began to run

Faux leather sneakers from F21 for $23..
If they had my size I would have picked them up but maybe some others will luck out!


deal with the situation right down to the bone

Fucking classic song.


i'm clear focused all around

Looking forward to checking out this black foil vest from Target when it's released. If the model is shorter than me (I'm 5'11 so it's possible) then that means the vest is LONG which I would be realllly excited about. Also if it's more shiny shiny than it looks then I won't be picking it up, I'm just really hoping it's more black wax than anything.



oh can't you see the glitter, the glitter in their eyes

So yeah I bought myself a little gift for a job well done.

Out of the three sizes, the small appealed to me the most.

They're so pretty!


we're orphans here on easy street and we feel real mean

Insanely stoked on the news that S.T.R.E.E.T.S. are going to be playing a reunion show on Saturday! With SF rippers Hightower! In NY! At Cakeshop! It's like deja vu of last summer!
Watch them in action below.

S.T.R.E.E.T.S. at the Georgia Street House from suckapants on Vimeo.

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she knows how to fox-trot, lope and pace

Relaxing day yesterday.. this is what I wore after we left the beach.

RockersNYC Politricks shirt (my favorite!)
Purple Satin Proper Vans
Vintage leather pants

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they say you're usin' voodoo, your feet walk by themselves

This song has been stuck in my head all day no matter how many plays my record player got today from the whole album.


once i had a pony, her name was lucifer

Have you been checking out the Urban Blog? My posts on there are daily and similar to my own blog, I try to write about things that aren't all over the internet and definitely try to get people stoked on lots of amazing things. Check it out now and add it to your bookmarks for sure! You'll know which are mine because all my posts can be found under the label 'Gnarlitude'.

Secondly, head over to the Kill City Blog later today for my first post there. I am so stoked to be working with Sean from Rockers and definitely look forward to writing lots for them as well.


and long black shaggy hair above her face

Hilarious and probably one of my fav new little films (next to Fix Push of course.)
Max watch this for sure.

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i never know what the poor girl's gonna do to me next

A little sleepy and slightly jetlagged, I'm now relaxing with my boyfriend about to watch the Darjeeling Limited (I hope it's good) in my (new!) Givenchy sandals, Ksubi jeans, AA racerback tank and Morphine Generation hoodie. Back to normal late tomorrow.



cause we built that thing and it grew wings

Going on vacation! Be back next week!

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where we shall await the beat of your feet hammering the earth

Some new looks from Cheap Monday...

I'm not really a big fan of velvet in any form but these Cheap Monday jeans might be hard to turn down as not only are they made up of their tighter than any jeans formula but they're also black waxed!

Next up would be this tight metallic pair that once these hit stores I think will sell out immediately. I'll probably pick them up for sure..

The pvc fake leather pants are out now in brown... They're hot and for the price I think they will get snatched up by hordes of girls.. I'll still take the black pair though.. if I can ever find them.

Lastly these paint splattered pair would probably turn me off with many colors (which they've done with another pair) however these I like for some reason. Paired with the perfect and complete opposite shoes would be the best idea.

Also I want to point out that I kinda want this complete look that this kid has on! And if we were the kind of people who wanted to have a kid, well, mine would be wearing this pretty much all the time.

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