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cuts and dents they catch the light

The clown makeup on Kelly Osborne in the latest issue of Purple is quite odd especially because it's shot by Karl Lagerfeld and well, it's clown makeup! However, the resemblance to Alison's makeup in the Kills U R A Fever video is really weird.


this make up really reminds me of andy warhol though.
its totally odd but im into it. very cool for an editorial. sort of reminds me, you are going to laugh, the scene from shes all that (yes i did) when laney draws all over that bitchy artist girl in the bathroom. ha!
Oh Kelly....

at least it distracts from her actual face! ^ _ ^
Creepy pictures.
Is it supposed to be a piss take of how Kelly O ACTUALLY wears clown make-up in reality?
We thought it was more Leigh Bowery and too long after the NagNagNag electroclash thing. Or is it that, since NNN is finally closing, the revival's already on?
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