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Back in January my daily check of fav Style File mentioned Alexander Wang was designing some incredibly amazing black leather bags that would be out in February at select stores. Well I haven't heard anything about them since (except spying some on the runway at his Fall show in Feb) but after perusing ShopBop this evening I noticed that this insanely wonderful amazing bag was up for grabs, realized it was the same Wang bag I've been staring in my Wants folder (yes this exists) and bought it immediately. I AM SO STOKED. I've been running Zara & Chanel bags for the last few years and have been looking for something new that wasn't going to be seen on everyone else (see: Stam bag, etc etc etc etc etc you know them all). In the SF article they quoted Wang as saying the bags would be under $700 but upon purchase, it definitely was under $700 although not by much.... but leather pieces are always an investment, right? SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY SO STOKED!!!

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yeah i noticed! about a month ago they were also selling a larger version of this one on shopbop. which is weird though cuz i remember wang was saying his bas were going to be exclusive to just two stores in the us
They're quite similar to the Dior Homme bags two season ago... they are lovely though...
I really like the bags Alex did. I'd wear that one.
Love it! Leather pieces do last alot longer, and look so luxe in years to come. Does the strap adjust to a shorter length? The remind me of the chloe betty bag with their outside zipper pockets..which is a good thing
ohh amazing! enjoy!! i need a new bag...
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