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upon the necklace of all human knowledge

I've been meaning to post this photo my friend Andreas took for a while now and after searching through all my phots, I finally found it today. Elizabeth White Lightning should clearly appreciate this!

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run for cover. has it shown up on gossip girl yet? if the OC was still on it would for sure.
Hahaha I forgot to mention that this was Tiffany's advertising and it was all ABC's and he shot the photo like this to appear like it was saying bromantic but it wasn't. Kind of half unfortunately. But if Entourage start referring to dudes films as bro-cinema then I'll be totally freaked out.
well, the fact that you two have been beating it into the ground means its definitely jumped the shark. newsflash ladies, slang is "totes" 04.
HA HA HA Are you serious? You don't even know me dude! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...............
omg jen! HATERS, we have HATERS. i love it.

listen, anonz, if you don't get the joke then i can't help you

xoxo, totes love you for surezlers

Paragraph four.
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