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Some new looks from Cheap Monday...

I'm not really a big fan of velvet in any form but these Cheap Monday jeans might be hard to turn down as not only are they made up of their tighter than any jeans formula but they're also black waxed!

Next up would be this tight metallic pair that once these hit stores I think will sell out immediately. I'll probably pick them up for sure..

The pvc fake leather pants are out now in brown... They're hot and for the price I think they will get snatched up by hordes of girls.. I'll still take the black pair though.. if I can ever find them.

Lastly these paint splattered pair would probably turn me off with many colors (which they've done with another pair) however these I like for some reason. Paired with the perfect and complete opposite shoes would be the best idea.

Also I want to point out that I kinda want this complete look that this kid has on! And if we were the kind of people who wanted to have a kid, well, mine would be wearing this pretty much all the time.

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wow, those dirty metallic ones look pretty awesome!
Such an array of finishes but I'm digging the last paint splattered ones the best...
the black and white and splattery jil sander men's suit-y pants are SICK !
Great stuff!
I love the new stuff they have coming out- but it's hard to find in New one orders cheap monday except urban.
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