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you've been through all of f. scott fitzgerald's books

The top ten songs on Daphne Guinness's iPod..

1. Johnny Cash “Hurt”
2. Big Audio Dynamite “Rush”
3. Beatles “Day in the Life”
4. Ryan Adams “Come Pick Me Up”
5. Elliott Smith “Needle in the Hay”
6. Iggy Pop “Fire Girl”
7. House of Pain “Jump Around”
8. Bob Dylan “Ballad of a Thin Man”
9. LCD Sound System “Great Release”
10. Leonard Cohen “The Partisan”

House of Pain & Ryan Adams are odd but overall it's an awesome list.
How epic is it that Dylan is on there?

Speaking of Daphne, she must really dig this look (understandably) as it's probably the only thing I've ever seen her wear twice!

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wow can't believe daphe guinness has a play list so similar to mine
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