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roadkill, heroin and my death machine

New additions to my wardrobe courtesy of Ksubi. Super Skinny od black jeans & Drug Clock tee.They will be worn together very often. LOVE both of these. I'm desperately wondering where those shoes are from though.. if anyone recognizes them please let me know.


your fingers weave quick minarets

Stoked on these new Chanel nail polishes! Yesss to purple and seeing as what I need is another pink shade in my collection (like, there's quite a few but whatever) They'll be released next month along with a new LA store opening and a higher price tag set at $25 which is sort of odd but I'll be getting them anyway.



the rider wearing black

So despite this video only being 41 seconds, it's still great to see Anne Laure on stage and I'm sure she is garnering lots of new fans on tour. Very epic.

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the more i get the better it is

I could go on for hours about how Lemmy is the epitome of everything that I think is insanelyfuckinghot, next to my old man of course.

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less than a breath of shimmer and smoke

I'll be honest in saying I've never shopped at the Gap. The only reason I'm mentioning them now is that I like the cut of this dress from ThreeAsFour... but only in the front... I'm just wondering what happened to the back of it?? It's like they ran out of fabric or something and just threw on two straps. wtf? While $88 is a good price for then taking this and dying it black (because I would) I just don't know if I can get into the back like that. It looks like a completely different dress.



where the great ones tremble in their snow-white shrouds

Before their epic partnering deal with a super rad shop is unveiled (watch for that here), you can find some amazing garments from Sophomore NYC (who I've mentioned before are making some of my favorite clothes) are now available on their website!
Chrissie has made an epic return with these perfect pieces and I seriously love everything this collection has to offer. The shirts are seriously all perfect and the stripe leggings look incredibly perfect on, regardless of if you look like Jen Brill or not (and watch out soon for the tanks and dresses). Pick these up now before they go. And they will. Quickly.

Also stoked to see that Jalouse will be featuring Chrissie/Sophomore soon, as photographed behind the scenes by Cory Kennedy.

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leaving no one to pick up a trail

Love these new panties from the new Kiki De Montparnasse spring collection. The first is open and retails at $175 and the second pair is flesh colored and mesh and will run about $225. They're both insanely hot which makes it hard to decide which I'd want more, maybe both..





aching bones to guide us far from energy

The past two weeks on the Urban Outfitters Blog by yours truly..
Check it out!
Bérangère Claire \ is wonderful french chic
Luella Love & Peace \ which I think I will be wearing all summer
Identity Crisis \ sleeve purse weirdness
Bardot \ sexy r'n'r aussies
Brendan Donnelly \ you already know how much I love his shirts
Hysteric Glamour \ new patent leather croc bag is to die for
Elizabeth Spiridakis \ who is probably my fav person right now

I've also been meaning to write up about my posts on the Kill City Blog.
The latest...
The Bob Dylan and Mark Ronson EP that is out and is pretty killer if you like to dance
The latest issue of Purple Fashion. I basically got it and didn't move for hours. I posted up the wonderful editorial that Rita Ackermann helped to make evenmoresoincredible.
and I just put up a post that if you're in LA (which I see A LOT of you are) you should check out because my friend Kathy Grayson & Francine Spiegel will be showing at the Kim Light Gallery and seriously, if their work looks amazing in a photograph believe me you have to see it up close. A whole post is coming soon of Kathy's work. She is seriously the best.

This is all brought to you with another video of my lovely friend Kendra's french bulldog in all its wonderfulness.

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make your money while you can, before you have to stop

Kinda love these lambskin Chanel flats and thinking of trying them on later. Oh and seriously, their own zip up case that looks like a surfboard travel bag? Might want these.

Oh oh and let me just add that my Chanel shades are perfect and I've managed to keep them that way for nearly 2 years but I do have a fond affection for these new ones..


you must rid yourself from these animal fixations

Love this new piece from Francine Spiegel.

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the sun no longer sets me free

I've seen the pink version of these in the shop but here are a pair of purple satin deck shoes from the Vans summer collection. I don't think I could get into wearing these but I like that they've carried on from the purple satin hi-tops I have that they did with Proper (which with photos, seem to be some of my most popular posts ever).


the bandits be my weaknesses

In what is a most incredibly epic move, Daphne Guinness is auctioning off what is probably not even a huge hit to her wardrobe for Kerry Taylor Auctions/Sotheby's on April 29th for the Womankind Worldwide charity. You can peruse the 267 lots, many of which include at least 3 or more pairs of shoes, dresses, trousers, jackets, belts, bags and more! The estimated bid on many of the auctions is way lower than I know it will actually soar to but if I had my picks, I'd take the Ann Demeulemeester & Rick Owens lots.

The jeans lot probably has some very cool jeans especially considering it includes the red pair that she X'd on the knees as seen in the Secret World of Haute Couture video I posted before. Also, I'll bet there are some cool R'N'R tee's up for grabs as well.

There really is so much available and while you're picking up some amazing pieces be sure that you're also helping out womankind in the process.



swim and sink into early morning mercies

Does anyone have the new Chloe fragrance? Or know how it smells? I alternate Tom Ford Black Orchid & Stella McCartney orig and have been looking something new and was thinking of picking this up..


desperately in need of some stranger's hand

Rainy day, all I wanna hear.


the turning wheel on every table

I know these suspenders are my for pregnant women (and I feel like I'm jinxing myself even looking at them, a giant knock on wood please) but I'm thinking that at a mere $19, some very fashionable girls can make these look very fucking cool, gun-holster-wise.


come on, baby, take a chance with us

Epicly enough, this package from Brendan Donnelly (who I've mentioned recently made the killer Black Flag shirt) was also on my door step yesterday and can I just say, OMGG I love these shirts so much. Not only are they printed on like the softest tee's ever but he seriously killed it with each design. My boyfriend is claiming the Black Flag shirt as his and I don't think you'll be able to get me out of the Motörhead tee for a while. Thanks Brendan!!

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dungeon's sinking to a slumber to the end of time

Came home to some super radness with a package of shirts & jeans courtesy of RockersNYC & Kill City! My favorite is the Evol Eyes tee for sure, which with how texturized it is, will look rad with latex leggings. Sean also completely hooked me up with all purple shirts which I'm so stoked on! Thanks Sean!!



shoulder to shoulder sweatin' 110 degrees

Totally love this waistcoat from Matthew Williamson and it just so happens my lovely friend Caroline can already be seen wearing it looking marvelous and in the presence of Mr. Williamson himself, clearly stoked on how amazing she looks in his garments. (and fully ready to hand over his entire collection, right? Uh, please?)

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necessary result of the inability of man to reform and transform

No shit. One of my favorite Ksubi tee's has hit the shelves at Urban... sort of. On the left is the Ksubi and on the right is this new tee at UO. While you could find the Ksubi fire island tee retailing for around $130, you can get your hands on this amazing shirt at UO for a cool $36. I dig deep v-neck tee's and this has been one of my favorites for a while which means I'll definitely be picking up this one as well.

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the story's told been told retold

On the heels of the news that CDG designer Rei Kawakubo will be designing an H&M capsule collection, the CDG 8 88 perfume is officially out! As for right now it seems to just be available at Dover Street Market and with its own tagline... IF GOLD HAD A FRAGRANCE..
Below is a photograph from inside the factory a few months ago, where Diane Pernet was invited to visit, capturing the scent..



switchblades preferred, switchblades preferred

Seriously, my Alexander Wang bag is the best ever. The details, of which there are many, are incredible. Like the screws built into the bag holding down the leather that divides the chain straps along the sides. The leather zipper detail around the neck that no matter if you move the bag in front of you or behind you, always stays on your neck as to avoid metal on skin rubbing but instead smooth soft black leathery goodness. It's not too big, not too small and after carefully placing all of my belongings inside I found they all fit perfectly (there's even a patch pocket inside that my iphone fits in perfectly. I seriously love Alexander Wang even more now! And after weeks of obsessing over it, I can't wait to get my hands on some of Erin's jewelry titled LowLuv, because I have a feeling that the two paired together would look incredible.. as seen below and at Wang's fall show.

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got to face the fact that i didn't say nothing

I post a lot of music and other peoples playlists regularly here so I thought I'd post one of mine, kind of. So here's a CD I made for my friend Kathy the other night that I think is pretty ripping. I make my boyfriend listen and make sure with me that every track melds well (which is how Angelblood just didn't make the cut, no matter how much I wanted to put them on there) with the one following it, this is a lot easier to do on itunes than in the days of making mixtapes and ffwd rwnd and taping over songs that didn't fit and well, you get the deal. If I knew how to make a proper zip download thing I'd have made something you guys could all get but for now you can find 'em all and assemble on your own.



think they're smart, can't think for themselves

As if I didn't already love Brendan Donnelly's Black Flag shirt enough.. is another new one from Off Bowery aka aNYthing that I now need to get a hold of.

My favorite (well, one of many) fuckin' song..

Kind of shockingly here is the Misfits covering that very song! Who knew!

I love the kids reaction. I remember the pile up sing alongs that would happen like every time I'd see an epic band.

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the feeling he's being surrounded by horses, horses, horses, horses

Another new track "L'Amour Hard" from Appaloosa surfaces and it is as wonderful as could be.

If you're able to catch Anne Laure on tour (click the label below for tour dates for this month that I've already posted), make sure you stop and pick up the Easter Demos CD. I'm awaiting her arrival back to Paris to receive mine but I already know the songs I haven't heard are going to be great and expect to hear this playing throughout the sets of all your favorite DJ's this summer.

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i tore off my clothes, i danced on my shoes

While their line for Target was nothing more than a complete disappointment, Libertine are still turning out their signature silk screened pieces and this time around it seems they've involved crystals & cashmere as well. Which is why if you're interested in picking either of these up, be ready to drop about $2,250 to $2,500.


i fell on my knee, atmosphere broke up

Looks like this new dress from Acne is garnering a lot of fans already. I've spotted it twice in street style shots this week. Of course, Louise du Toit (Acne brand manager) being photographed wearing the label is not surprising but it is still an amazing dress nonetheless. You can pick it up from Acne direct for $569.

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