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aching bones to guide us far from energy

The past two weeks on the Urban Outfitters Blog by yours truly..
Check it out!
Bérangère Claire \ is wonderful french chic
Luella Love & Peace \ which I think I will be wearing all summer
Identity Crisis \ sleeve purse weirdness
Bardot \ sexy r'n'r aussies
Brendan Donnelly \ you already know how much I love his shirts
Hysteric Glamour \ new patent leather croc bag is to die for
Elizabeth Spiridakis \ who is probably my fav person right now

I've also been meaning to write up about my posts on the Kill City Blog.
The latest...
The Bob Dylan and Mark Ronson EP that is out and is pretty killer if you like to dance
The latest issue of Purple Fashion. I basically got it and didn't move for hours. I posted up the wonderful editorial that Rita Ackermann helped to make evenmoresoincredible.
and I just put up a post that if you're in LA (which I see A LOT of you are) you should check out because my friend Kathy Grayson & Francine Spiegel will be showing at the Kim Light Gallery and seriously, if their work looks amazing in a photograph believe me you have to see it up close. A whole post is coming soon of Kathy's work. She is seriously the best.

This is all brought to you with another video of my lovely friend Kendra's french bulldog in all its wonderfulness.

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You posts on the UO site are great, Bérangère Claire - oh my yes.
girrrrrl you are makin me blush.
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