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got to face the fact that i didn't say nothing

I post a lot of music and other peoples playlists regularly here so I thought I'd post one of mine, kind of. So here's a CD I made for my friend Kathy the other night that I think is pretty ripping. I make my boyfriend listen and make sure with me that every track melds well (which is how Angelblood just didn't make the cut, no matter how much I wanted to put them on there) with the one following it, this is a lot easier to do on itunes than in the days of making mixtapes and ffwd rwnd and taping over songs that didn't fit and well, you get the deal. If I knew how to make a proper zip download thing I'd have made something you guys could all get but for now you can find 'em all and assemble on your own.


It's not a mixtape without the Sonics, that's for sure.
14/16 ain't bad.
Mitra.... so you're saying the rest.... sucks or... those suck... ? hmmmmmmmmmmm
No no. I'd just swap out Bend Over for Human Fly since it's made its way onto every mix tape I've made since the age of 15. Have you heard Andrew Weatherall's Sci-fi Lo-fi? I'm still figuring out if I like it?
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