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less than a breath of shimmer and smoke

I'll be honest in saying I've never shopped at the Gap. The only reason I'm mentioning them now is that I like the cut of this dress from ThreeAsFour... but only in the front... I'm just wondering what happened to the back of it?? It's like they ran out of fabric or something and just threw on two straps. wtf? While $88 is a good price for then taking this and dying it black (because I would) I just don't know if I can get into the back like that. It looks like a completely different dress.


Dude I TOTALLY thought the same thing. this is insane. I loved the dress when I saw it on the ad and then I went online last night and saw the back and went all wtf is this dollar shop bullshit? why isnt it a racerback? racerbacks are great!
i dont know if i want it anymore.
i have been putting off going to try it on all day. i feel lazy. i feel like i would get it an never wear it. that shiz better have a pocket, yo.
It is extremely odd... not a fan of the lazy back....
Haha.. going shopping I always think 'can I dye this black?' the problem always seem to be that the seam on the edges sometimes do not take colour..resulting in white seams!! Not nice at all.

And it woudl look MUCH better in black. And a bit shorter. ;)
But the back makes it look a bit 'old'.
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