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switchblades preferred, switchblades preferred

Seriously, my Alexander Wang bag is the best ever. The details, of which there are many, are incredible. Like the screws built into the bag holding down the leather that divides the chain straps along the sides. The leather zipper detail around the neck that no matter if you move the bag in front of you or behind you, always stays on your neck as to avoid metal on skin rubbing but instead smooth soft black leathery goodness. It's not too big, not too small and after carefully placing all of my belongings inside I found they all fit perfectly (there's even a patch pocket inside that my iphone fits in perfectly. I seriously love Alexander Wang even more now! And after weeks of obsessing over it, I can't wait to get my hands on some of Erin's jewelry titled LowLuv, because I have a feeling that the two paired together would look incredible.. as seen below and at Wang's fall show.

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i looooooooove alexander wang's designs. but in regards to erin wasson's jewelry line i can't help but feel it's a direct copy of bliss lau's body jewelry. i've been to a couple of gen art events over the summer and this fall and bliss lau had the body chains long before erin wasson decided she wanted to be a designer and create the body jewelry.
i love your patti title and alexander wang. lowluv is ridic expensive though.
Glad you got the bag.... it is lush...
giant zippers are so pleasing. to look at and to zip-unzip constantly, no?

that chest necklace thing is sort of amazing, i kinda want to make one!
i tried to buy this on shopbop but it was gone. any ideas if anywhere else stocks it?
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