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think they're smart, can't think for themselves

As if I didn't already love Brendan Donnelly's Black Flag shirt enough.. is another new one from Off Bowery aka aNYthing that I now need to get a hold of.

My favorite (well, one of many) fuckin' song..

Kind of shockingly here is the Misfits covering that very song! Who knew!

I love the kids reaction. I remember the pile up sing alongs that would happen like every time I'd see an epic band.

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bdonns shirt wins by a landslide..brendan's art on ivan's model physique and captured by dave's photograhic prowess. bro-umvirate
henry rollins is a god and those shirts are great, i really want a black fag shirt though.
thanks for the write up!!!
glen friedman made me a dvd comp of all of the black flag clips that were on local news programs in the 80's along with a bunch of live shows. it's incredible.
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