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where the great ones tremble in their snow-white shrouds

Before their epic partnering deal with a super rad shop is unveiled (watch for that here), you can find some amazing garments from Sophomore NYC (who I've mentioned before are making some of my favorite clothes) are now available on their website!
Chrissie has made an epic return with these perfect pieces and I seriously love everything this collection has to offer. The shirts are seriously all perfect and the stripe leggings look incredibly perfect on, regardless of if you look like Jen Brill or not (and watch out soon for the tanks and dresses). Pick these up now before they go. And they will. Quickly.

Also stoked to see that Jalouse will be featuring Chrissie/Sophomore soon, as photographed behind the scenes by Cory Kennedy.

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holy crap.

a. you still read my blog (!!)

b. i was obsessing over chrissie's new stuff yesterday, like literally wanting prints from the lookbook to hang on my wall. (!!!)

c. chanel sunglasses i forwarded to a friend via iChat the other day with the words "must have." typed under them. great minds think alike.

oh & d.
i've been so busy i'm a self absorbed shit bag that has only been able to post and not read blogs... note to self check FLjens blog more.
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